Merom Livery Stable

8740 2nd St.
Merom, IN 47861

Privately owned

Fairbanks Community Center

6535 W. Market St.
Fairbanks, IN 47849
(812) 394-5438

Waapaahsiki Siipiiwi Mound Historical Park

9098 W. County Road 825 N.
Fairbanks, IN 47849
(812) 696-2731

The Miami Indians of Indiana call the Wabash River ‘Waapaahsiki Siipiiwi’. According to historical records and archaeological research, this cultural Mound site in Sullivan County appears to date back to the Late Woodland Era, A.D. 500-1650, pre-European contact. The Mound builders along the river in times past used sacred sites like WSMHP for burial and ceremonial purposes prior to colonization. In late 1700, records show the presence of Miami, Wea, Piankashaw, Kickapoo, Delaware and Shawnee tribes along the river hunting and trading in what is now the Wabash Valley, within half a mile is the river’s edge called ‘The Narrows’, a historically documented crossing during the War of 1812 encounters. All a part of history, this Mound site is preserved from the erosion of time and protected for the future. The park is open dawn to dusk.

Sullivan County Public Library

100 S. Crowder St.
Sullivan, IN 47882
(812) 268-4957

Built in 1904, “Architecture”

To find the additional County Library branches, please click on the link below.

The Sullivan County Public Library provides services for all residents and visitors of Sullivan County. All libraries within the system include public computers, free WiFi, reference services, as well as scanning and faxing capabilities. County residents are eligible for a library card, which they can use to checkout books, periodicals, movies, as well as access certain online databases and resources. Non-resident and reciprocal borrowing cards are also available. The main library is home to a genealogy and local history department. For more information and to utilize the library’s online resources (such as an events calendar and online catalog), please visit the website. 

Sullivan County Courthouse

100 Courthouse Square
Sullivan, IN 47882

Built in 1924, National Register of Historic Places

Union Christian College


Center Ridge Cemetery

Sullivan, IN

National Register of Historic Places

Merom Public Library

8554 W. Market St.
Merom, IN 47861
(812) 356-4612

Built in 1918, National Register of Historic Places, “Architecture”

Sherman Building

2 S. Court St.
Sullivan, IN 47882

Sherman Building, National Register of Historic Places, “Architecture”

It is currently Crossroads Community Church.

Sullivan County Poor Home

1447 E. County Road 75 N.
Sullivan, IN 47882

It is now privately owned by an individual. The building has been remodeled inside for apartments.

Sullivan County Poor Home, National Register of Historic Places, “Architecture”, Privately owned – currently an apartment building

Now owned by a private individual. The building has been remodeled inside for apartments.